Draedon Faubert and Family

2022 Field of STARS Very Important Patient

Draedon Faubert

As Draedon Faubert watched his friends and family drive by for his sixteenth birthday pandemic parade, he never imagined the next milestone in his life would be fighting for it.

The next day, Draedon and two friends were in a highway rollover. Because he landed far away from the vehicle, across a ditch, railway track and down an embankment, it took first responders hours to find Draedon. With multiple severe injuries, he was barely alive and desperately in need of critical care.

Luckily, STARS was called to rescue Draedon, and his air medical crew employed multiple tools and interventions to fight for his life enroute to the operating room.

Miraculously, after nearly six gruelling weeks in the ICU (where he and his mother were quarantined, due to the COVID-19 lockdown), Draedon went on to hundreds of painstaking days in rehab, and was eventually able to go home, talk, and later even walk again.

“Draedon’s doctors and care team in Regina and Saskatoon were excellent, working amazing magic to enable him to recover, but none of it matters if he hadn’t make it to them alive,” said Draedon’s dad, Chris. “Because of STARS, our son’s story gets to continue on.”

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